Here's some of the things we've been working on.

Megaton: Total Destruction

Megaton: Total Destruction, an action artillery game where you blow stuff up and watch the carnage unfold! With multiple cities in different parts of the world to destroy, the Aftershock mode in the last round lets you use your bomb strategically to cause Total Destruction! Available on Steam.

Press kit

Farm and Zoo Animals

We have worked in collaboration with Plymouth University (UK) and Tilburg University (NL) to provide 3D models to aid their research into the use of robotics in language education. The models of various zoo and farm animals were designed to appeal to young children and feature animations of simple verbs to indicate the meaning of the target language phrase.

AI Behaviour Trees for Unity

A system for composing complex behaviours for agents in various groups. The demo showcases a zombie apocalypse scenario with different behaviour trees for the civilians, the soldiers, and the zombies.